Juice by Nature’s Big Shot, Ailsa Taylor oversees the creation of our juices, sources our fresh produce and manages operations. Originally from Australia, Ailsa worked throughout Asia and Europe during her career as an engineer and project manager. After moving to Amsterdam with her husband and two adorable daughters, Ailsa pursued her passion of starting a health food business, making a line of organic, delicious juices out of her kitchen in de Pijp. Healthy Happy Green quickly developed a dedicated following, including future Juice by Nature partner, Paula Cathersides, due to its easy drinking juices and friendly, accessible service.


As Juice by Nature’s Juicy Boss, Paula manages all of the marketing, finances and staffing. After growing up in Communist Poland, Paula moved to London, where she earned a Master’s degree in marketing and management before beginning a career in finance there. She and her husband then moved to Amsterdam, where their tight-knit family quickly grew to five and put down deep roots in their adopted home city. A customer and fan of Healthy Happy Green, Paula followed her passion for healthy living and approached Ailsa to open a juicery and healthy food cafe together in the heart of Amsterdam.  

Making Healthy Delicious